5 Great Apps for Children with Autism

5 Great Apps for Children with Autism

Are you looking for the most advanced learning and entertainment apps for your autistic child? If so, there are tons of great apps available that will keep your autistic child entertained through highly-specialized interaction developed to help your child deal with his or her special needs. By using apps designed for autistic children, you can avoid some of the more costly tech programs that can run upwards of $2,000 on average.

Thankfully, the tech world has responded to the needs of parents like you who might not have the means—or want—to buy such expensive gadgets when the main goal should be helping our children, not promoting such vulturous consumerism aimed at struggling parents. This rise in autistic app development is mostly due to the increase in autistic diagnoses, almost 1 in 50 children according to the CDC. Now, you have a choice when it comes to helping your children better adjust, be it on iPhone, iPad or any tablet and smartphone.

The Five Best Apps for Autistic Children in 2013

Below, we’ve gathered the five greatest and most helpful apps. We’ve taken into account interaction, development, availability, ease of function, child’s enjoyment and of course, overall cost. Here’s the five apps that you should be looking into for your child with autism.

1. TapToTalk (Free)—This scaled down ACC (Augmentative and Alternative Communications) app is great for parents and children trying to get a feel for how apps work. It contains an album of images that children can use to construct sentences. Each image they tap leads to another screen of images, which the child uses to appropriately learn how to construct the sentence. After they do so, the app reads the sentence back to the child. Many voice options are available for those who require a male, female, adult or different language voice.

2. Kid in Story ($6.99)—This brilliant app really gets your child invested in the story since it allows you to superimpose your child’s picture through a tablet or smartphone’s camera directly into the story. Your child will be “in” the story, literally and figuratively. Then, you narrate the story (providing great bonding time), using one of eight story templates that teach your child about the importance of good hygiene, how to understand social behavior and other helpful lessons. You can also make your own stories or modify the templates however you wish.

3. ABA Flash Cards & Games – Emotions (Free) This app is ideal for autistic children between 1 and 4 years of age. It helps them to identify, understand and appropriately respond to emotions. By using flashcards and interactive games, your child will see over 200 pictures covering a range of 20 different emotions.. Plus, you can add your own voice and pictures to create your own cards, making this tool expansive and fully customizable. You can play in image only mode, word only mode, flashcard only mode and combinations of the three. The font, color and case lettering are all customizable as well. Your child will enjoy 8 game modes as well, including “find the item” and listening and reading games. You adjust the speed, the cards—just about everything with the free app for autistic children.

4. FTVS HD – First Then Visual Schedule HD ($9.99) This app is geared towards the child that needs a little help with their scheduling and task management. You can easily create tons of visual support boards and schedules that teach your child how to effectively achieve their daily goals. By creating this interactive support system, you’ll be able to give your child a sense of independence. Plus, with the social stores, video models and task analysis functions, you can make the learning even more functional. This universal device allows you to add pictures and videos straight to the app using your own photos, Google images, stock images or one of 10,000 Smarty Ears symbols. Then, set timers by schedule, event or individual step. You can attach videos and pics to any step in the process, plus you get great viewing options for all levels of vision.

5. Proloquo2Go ($189)—Our last selection is a bit pricey compared with the rest of the apps, but compared to the expensive prices of other programs, this one is a steal for everything it comes with. The Proloquo2Go provides a way for your child to speak, essentially giving them a voice. With over 50,000 users worldwide, the proof is in the pudding. Your child can “talk” by using symbols or typed text. The voice is fully customizable to match the users gender, age and personality. This AAC has won many awards and is just as good—if not better—than other AAC programs that cost thousands of dollars. First released in 2009, Proloquo2Go was the first AAC app for iOS devices and the first to include genuine children voices. The natural voices are available in a number of accents including American, British, Australian and Indian English plus several fun character voices—all at no additional cost. The ExpressivePower software also lets your child add prerecorded expressions and sounds to their speech, enabling them to properly convey their emotions—or learn to convey their emotions. Your child can tap on the screen to make choices or hook up adaptive switch access for those with physical challenges. The release touch can also be adjusted in case your child can’t keep their finger on the screen. With over 14,000 high-resolution images to choose from plus the ability to add your own photos and customize pages and folders, the Proloquo2go puts the power of voice right at your child’s fingertips. Plus, the software is self-learning, offering multi-word prediction.

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