How your cell phone can help your child get better treatments

How your cell phone can help your child get better treatments

Today, we have a guest blog post by Dani Gillman, the co-founder of Birdhouse for Autism, a care management platform for families with children affected by autism.

Upon receiving a diagnosis of Autism, many parents are left with lots of questions. One of those is inevitably, “now what?” There’s a saying about children with Autism being like snowflakes, no two are the same. That means that no one treatment or therapy regimen fits all. Parents feel the responsibility of trying many different therapies, medications, diets, even a combination of all those things!

One of the best pieces of advice newly diagnosed parents receive from more seasoned veterans is to get a notebook and a really nice pen, because you’re gonna spend a lot of time with it! Keeping notes on a child’s reactions and behaviors to changes in routine and treatment is definitely the best way to be able to see how different interventions affect a child’s overall well being.

Tracking your child’s care can help us gain great insight. Does a new medication or supplement affect your child’s sleep? How does 8 hours of sleep differ from 10? How are bowel habits affecting your child? All these things can be tracked in addition to questions most parents ask, like, “is all this speech/occupational/play therapy really making a difference?” or “Is this medication helping to relieve his symptoms?” In addition, tracking helps parents who are feeling the effects of an overwhelming diagnosis feel a bit more in control, have a better understanding of how their kid operates, and discover what does and doesn’t work for their own child.

Most parents who use a tracking method to manage their child’s care report feeling less overwhelmed, more confident, and more connected to their child. They feel more organized, and find there is more time to spend with their child and less time spent trying to figure it all out.

As parents raising a little girl with Autism, we know all too well the vast amount if information to keep track of. After finding pen and paper or excel spreadsheets too cumbersome, we created Birdhouse for Autism, a care management platform for parents just like us. Our app allows you to track your child’s activity across a variety of variables throughout each day; sleep and wake times, when they take certain medications and supplements and engage in certain therapies, how they’re feeling, toileting behaviors, and info on any meltdowns that might occur. Users can see days or weeks at a glance and use the search to find specific past information. In addition, you can store information on medications or supplements, give them recurring schedules so they’ll appear automatically in your child’s activity feed and all you’ll have to do is mark that they’ve been given each day. This provides an ongoing record of medication history. The same can be done for therapies and can include notes from therapists involved.

Over time, parents are able to identify patterns and behaviors of their children, helping them to make more informed decisions about their care. In a nutshell, Birdhouse can help caregivers discover what’s helping and what needs to change.

Visit to create an account and start making Autism easier today!

About the author

Dani Gillman is the co-founder of Autism Birdhouse, a safe and secure care management platform designed to help families raising children with autism to stay on top of medications, supplements and therapies. 


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