Our Uninhibited Son

In many ways, a person with autism has an advantage over we “normal” people. We often don’t say things we should because we worry too much about the other persons reactions. As a result, we “overthink” life, and often do nothing!! The autistic person, in contrast, is not bound by social conventions. They blurt out whatever is on their mind. They don’t worry about what people think about them. And people are often more forgiving with them because of their disability. One example which is a vivid memory occurred at his Grandfather’s funeral when Scott was the ripe old age of 8 years old. Scott has always been a strong Christian young man, with a solid belief in God (even at that young age), and he realized the gravity of what was happening. He went to multiple people at the funeral home, and his consistent question was “Do you know Jesus? Are you a Christian? Are you going to heaven?” He would hardly wait for an answer, before he would be on to the next person.

The question would elicit everything from an “Absolutely!” to “I think so,” to a blank stare. Most people were caught off guard by the question, as was I. I was shocked (and, I have to admit, happy) that he was doing it! I also admired his courage. But I was even more surprised at his level of understanding of the importance of the day. It was just one of many surprises from my son!

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