The day our son, Scott, broke through society’s limits

The day our son, Scott, broke through society’s limits

It was a beautiful day at Ford Field, a large park in our hometown of Livonia, Michigan. A small group of parents and middle school athletes gathered on a sunny October day for a cross country meet. It was a relaxed atmosphere, as parents gathered to meet with their friends. Other parents admired pets, and celebrated new babies. The boys poked and shoved each other, sharing the rowdy jokes of pre-teen boys, while the girls, keeping their distance, cast them dirty looks, and wondered why they should be attracted to the opposite sex.

It was as if the event of the day, the cross country meet, was of secondary importance to socializing. To everyone, that is, but our family. Scott, one of the athletes, was off by himself, gazing intently at the course, watching the clouds for rain, and sizing up each runner. It was his pre-race behavior ritual. Then, as before every race, he came to Dad to ensure his shoelaces were properly tied and to receive his pre-race pep talk.

As I looked around, I thought to myself

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